High School Students Islands Summit on World Tsunami Awareness Day 2017 in Okinawa – Day 1 –

We left Osaka for Naha by airplane in the early morning.

When we arrived in Naha, the staffs of this summit warmly welcome us.

IMG_1728 2

We got on the chartered shuttle bus to Okinawa Convention Center, where we saw the very official International conference hall.  We were more nervous for tomorrow’s presentation.

IMG_1733 2

In the opening ceremony, we learned World Tsunami Awareness Day was started by Japanese government’s proposal.  Then, this strongly reminded us of dispersing the importance of disaster prevention.


We really appreciated the opportunity to be here meeting up with high school students from 25 countries.

After the opening ceremony, we had a self-introduction session in groups.  It was the first time to talk with each other, but all of them were very friendly.




In the accomodation, Okinawa International Youth Hostel, we spent good time with many high school students from all over Japan.


At night, many school groups had a practice for tomorrow’s presentation.  We also rehearsed our presentation many times till late night.


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