Global Basic Research Special Lecture – St. Andrew’s University Professor Minamide Kazuyo –

We had a special lecture today.  Professor Kazuyo Minamide came to a Global Basic Research class this year as well as last year.

Her major is cine anthropology, and she is videotaping children’s life in Bangladesh for many years.


She started why and how she started her research carrer, and then she introduced how to overcome the hardness against conducting field work with videotaping their daily lives.  All of her talk were very practical and useful for Global Basic Research students.  When she showed the video of one girl who stopped going to school and got married when she was 12 or 13 years old, the students were surprised.  Moreover, the fact that she is raising her child gave a great impact on them.

Actually, she kindly helped our students of Global Basic Research and Global Research last year.

One group created their own math drill for 2nd year elementary school because they wanted to help children who had to quit school education in their early ages.  Professor Minamide brought the drill to children in Bangladesh.


The drill was created in Japanese, so Professor Minamide translated it in Beng Language.  Adding to it, she printed and binded them.

This is the picture that elementary school students in Bangladesh were using the drill.



This is the picture that we would see the view around the school Professor Minamide brought the drill to.


Global Basic Research students learned how important their research projects are by her research activity and kindness.

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