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2018, Global Field Trip

(日本語) 2018 SSH SGH ボルネオ研修


2019, News,

(日本語) 2019年度 SGH/SSHボルネオ研修


News, , Global Field Trip

(日本語) SGHプロジェクト型 北欧海外研修


2019, News, , Global Field Trip

(日本語) 2019年度 プロジェクト型カナダ海外研修

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(日本語) 2019年度 SGH研究完了報告書

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(日本語) 9月21日(土) SGH国際会議を開催します

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(日本語) 2019年度 プロジェクト型カナダ海外研修

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About SGH

Through education that contribute to global leadership development in high school, etc., interest and deep culture, communication skills for the social issues of the students, wearing the international sophistication, such as problem solving skills, and thereby, the future, and the global that can be internationally active It is intended to promote the development of leaders. High School such as super global High School, set a global figure and should aim, in the center of the university at home and abroad to promote the internationalization, strive to companies, international organizations and cooperation, theme global social issues, the business issues cross-cutting and comprehensive learning in, do the inquiry learning. In the learning activities, we conducted a national and international field work related to the theme of the challenge studies, to expand the Observations in the high school students own eyes, you will be prompted to challenge. Figures and specific agenda-setting of should aim of the school has been designated, learning content, it has become a thing of taking advantage of the characteristics of the region and school.

(日本語) 泉北高校


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